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Play Overwatch Free!

May 21 – 28, 2019

Welcome to Overwatch

Overwatch is a team-based first-person shooter starring a diverse cast of heroes who clash on futuristic battlefields.

1Heroes for Every Play Style

No matter your play style or personality, there’s a hero built for you. Slow down time, rain destruction from above in a jet-powered armor suit, or pilot a superpowered hamster ball: In Overwatch, every hero has a unique set of devastating abilities.

2Play with Friends

With spectacular ability combos, collaborative objectives, and varied team compositions, Overwatch rewards heroes who work together. Play with up to five of your friends, select roles that complement each other, and coordinate your actions to achieve your objectives. Meet new friends with Find a Group, and endorse players to reward them for positive behavior.

3Many Ways to Play

There’s an Overwatch mode for everyone, whether you’re looking to learn or to advance up the ranks. Start with the tutorial, play against the AI, then test your mettle in Quick Play and Competitive Play. Plus, enjoy special events like Overwatch Anniversary, live until June 10, 2019!

4Different Maps, Different Strategies

Overwatch maps are set all over the world. As you play, you’ll learn each map’s secrets and strategies—but for now, focus on staying with your team and working together to accomplish objectives like capturing and holding points, or moving a payload to the end of a map.

5Keep Your Progress

When you purchase Overwatch after playing in a free trial, you can continue where you left off by keeping the rewards you earned along the way—including skins, icons, sprays, and more!

Install Overwatch

Play Overwatch for free between May 21 and May 28!

Choose Your Platform

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  • Installation Instructions for PC

    • Download and install the Blizzard Battle.net Desktop App.
    • Create a free Blizzard account, or log in with your existing account.
    • Once the Blizzard app launches, click the Overwatch icon.
    • Select your region from the dropdown menu, then click Install.
    • Once installed, click Play to begin!
    A Blizzard account is required to play during the Free Trial. If the game is purchased after the free trial, progress will only be saved on the same account used for the free trial.

Learn more about Overwatch

Dive into Overwatch on the official website!

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